​"I have worked in various sectors of health care and hospitals this has given me the experience and confidence to work in the Industry."

                             Kassie , 14 years experience 

​"I have nearly 2 years experience in domiciliary care. I am an extremely caring person and i have a passion for looking after others around me."

.                               Courtney, 2 years experience 

​"I have a person centred approach. I have worked with welfare rights and disability rights. I understand confidentiality and record keeping and professional boundaries"

.                              Gilly, 3 years experience 

"Im now doing care and support work in the community which i really enjoy ! But find its not really working out financially due to wear and tear on my car and petrol!i have very good feed back from my work due to going the extra mile and my caring attitude towards caring I enjoy my job very much but would really like to spend time with one or two people to give more of my attention to make a difference."

.                                             Allyson, 5 years experience